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Sirius Chronometer
Hey all, so following the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory music this year, I have updated my chronometer software for a performance of Olga Neuwirth's work Maudite Soit La Guerre. It has now hit the v1.0 milestone (actually 1.1.0 after a few changes), which I'm happy about and I'm proud to make it publically available now it is in a more user-friendly package. Read More ›

So, this is the new site. This time I'm eschewing the whole CMS-based design. It was more trouble than it was worth and had a lot of faults. All of the cogs that had to turn every time the site need to render a page just caused problems. The backend was really clunk and so it was left very out-of-date (as you can probably see from the very crusty old content that was migrated across), so I have moved over to a static page using Jekyll. That means I no longer have to worry about crap like webservers and whether my Rails app is actually running properly. As it is right now, it's still a bit of a building site and there are some unpopulated sections, however this should hopefully be sorted in the next couple of weeks. Read More ›

News on Nine and Moat 2014
So today I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Moat Festival 2014 commences this week starting tomorrow kicking off an exciting two week theatre festival season at La Trobe University which includes a variety of really exciting shows and even an art exhibition which is a new addition this year. Read More ›

Nine Rehearsals - Week 2
Only two weeks in things are moving so quickly already. With only one rehearsal this week, I'm surprised we covered as much ground as we did. We blocked half of the second act and found ourselves running through to the end of the play with some improvised blocking anyway. Though this week is really the calm before the great storm that will be next week as we have to present for showings, get new photos done, really nail the second act and then tie the whole thing together. It's crazy, feels like the whole process has just started but is also nearing the end as well.  Read More ›

Nine Rehearsals - Week 1
The first of the really exciting projects I'm working on this year is a play called 'Nine' by Jane Shepard directed by May Parley. A two hander originally written for two women which explores the human will to live through it's two characters, in this case being a man (portrayed by me and a woman (Asleen Mauthoor). We're performing this in a really cool space; the storage room in Union Hall at La Trobe University. It's a fantastic space when embraced for what it is. On Thursday, we had a meeting with Tom Willis, the lighting designer who alongside May had some really strong concepts to underpin the design of the show and was generally quite positive about the direction we were going in. Read More ›

Tickets and info › The Gate
A city teeters on the verge of anarchy. Inside, authorities attempt to tighten their control against the threat of foreign invasion. Outside, a motley group of criminals and dissidents wait for a trial that never comes – but of what are they guilty? If these outcasts can infiltrate the city walls, they can destroy the record of their crimes and perhaps, begin again. A comedy about legacy, guilt and honour in a world on the edge of darkness, *The Gate* reunites an award-winning writer-director team for the premiere of a new Australian play. Read More ›

Tickets and info › Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Student Theatre and Film’s artistic director, Bob Pavlich, directs Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? This New York adaptation of the novel by Phillip K. Dick is the basis for the film Blade Runner and promises to enthral audiences.  Read More ›

Androids and QLab
New electroacoustic cello work › Androids
Since June, I have been musical director & sound designer on a production of “ *Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”. *The text was originally adapted from the Phillip K. Dick novel by Edward Einhorn for the Untitled Theatre company production in 2010 which an original score (including six arias) for cello and loop pedal composed by Henry Akona. Read More ›