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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Adaptation by Edward Einhorn \ Music by Henry Akona \ Student Theatre and Film’s artistic director, Bob Pavlich, directs Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? This New York adaptation of the novel by Phillip K. Dick is the basis for the film Blade Runner and promises to enthral audiences.  \ \ Most people emigrate to Mars - unless they have a job to do on Earth. Like Rick Deckard - android killer for the police and owner of an electric sheep. He has to find, identify, and kill six androids which have escaped from M ars. They’re machines, but they look and sound and think like humans - clever, dangerous humans. \ \ This adaptation has previously only been performed once before. This production by the Untitled Theater Company #61 in New York in 2010 played to sell-out crowds and garnered considerable press interest. \ \ Musical Director: Kevan Atkins \ \ Cast:  \ Alex Blainey\ Catherine Morvell\ Jake Edgar\ Jake Matricardi\ Matthew Howat\ Nina Miscriky\ Sarah Wall\ Sean Sully\ Steph Elkington \ Yi Fan

Location: Studio One,  Northcote Town Hall, Northcote

Performance dates: \ Thurs 29/8, Fri 30/8, Sat 31/8, Sun1/9 @ 7pm \ Wed 4/9, Fri 6/9, Sun 8/9 @ 8pm\ Thurs 5/9, Sat 7/9 @ 6pm\ \ All shows will be performed in Studio one and two in Northcote Town Hall- 189 High Street, Northcote. \ \ For all bookings and enquiries please contact the Student Theatre and Film Office on 9479 1198