Nine Rehearsals - Week 1

The first of the really exciting projects I’m working on this year is a play called “Nine” by Jane Shepard directed by May Parley. A two-hander originally written for two women which explores the human will to live through it’s two characters, in this case being a man (portrayed by me) and a woman (Asleen Mauthoor). We’re performing this in a really cool space; the storage room in Union Hall at La Trobe University. It’s a fantastic space when embraced for what it is. On Thursday, we had a meeting with Tom Willis, the lighting designer who alongside May had some really strong (yet simple) concepts to underpin the design of the show and was generally quite positive about the direction we were going in.

In the scheme of plays I have performed in this is probably the most involved part I have ever played and yet it has the least rehearsals with only six to eight rehearsals (excluding tech/dress) before opening so naturally I’ve really had to really do my homework on this one. Going into the first rehearsal definitely made me nervous. Having learnt 117 lines (with another 100 or so to learn still) without Asleen, it was hard to know if I had developed any habits that would jar against her pacing and delivery. Nonetheless, things thus far have been going smoothly and after a (admittedly stumbling) line run things smoothed out really quickly, we managed to rehearse off-book without too many issues and completely block the first half of the show. Taking it to the floor always makes a difference and here even two rehearsals in it has already started to lift off find its energy, which is great.

I hope the next week of rehearsals will be equally as fruitful. I’m really excited for this one. 

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Event: Nine