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The Gate

Presented by Centre for Theatre and Performance

Written by Peter Houghton\ \ Directed by Anne Browning\ Bachelor of Performing Arts: Second Year Production

A city teeters on the verge of anarchy. Inside, authorities attempt to tighten their control against the threat of foreign invasion. Outside, a motley group of criminals and dissidents wait for a trial that never comes – but of what are they guilty? If these outcasts can infiltrate the city walls, they can destroy the record of their crimes and perhaps, begin again. A comedy about legacy, guilt and honour in a world on the edge of darkness, The Gate reunites an award-winning writer-director team for the premiere of a new Australian play.

Anne Browning has directed several shows for MTC, Malthouse Theatre and Red Stitch, including the 2012 tour of Melissa Bubnic‘s Stop. Rewind. In 2013, she will direct Dorothy Hewett’s Man from Mukinupinfor La Trobe University and A Guide to Unhappiness by Sunny Leunig and Jono Burns for the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Tickets: $10\ Call the MAPA Box Office on 9905 1111 to reserve your seats.

Location \ Drama Centre, Building 68, Monash University

Performance Dates:

Thursday 5 September – 1:00pm and 7:30pm

Friday 6 September – 7.30pm

Saturday 7 September – 7:30pm